1. Secure & Seamless Connectivity

People increasingly spend more time using fixed and mobile digital connections to work, relax and keep in touch. Meanwhile, our homes and offices are increasingly equipped with smart devices. Read more about 1. Secure & Seamless Connectivity .

Electromagnetic fields

VodafoneZiggo strives to provide a high-quality network with nationwide coverage, keeping everyone connected, wherever they may be. However, we are aware of questions in society regarding electromagnetic fields caused by mobile networks. Read more about Electromagnetic fields .

2. Endless Entertainment

From TV and film to sport and music, VodafoneZiggo is building the ultimate home of entertainment for our customers. Read more about 2. Endless Entertainment .

3. Best Business Solutions

Our conversations with business customers make it clear that high-speed connectivity for its own sake is no longer enough. Read more about 3. Best Business Solutions .

4. Smart Digital Experience

In today’s highly competitive and increasingly digitalised telecom industry, exceptional customer experiences are as much about touching people in the heart with your brand as they are about high-quality products. Read more about 4. Smart Digital Experience .

5. Progress for Everyone - Sustainability

As data consumption increases, so does the need for energy to power the digitalisation of our homes and workplaces – putting ever-greater pressure on our planet. The cost of energy, meanwhile, is also rising. Read more about 5. Progress for Everyone - Sustainability .