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From a competitive telecom sector to a fast-changing entertainment market; from economic headwinds to technological advances – VodafoneZiggo is part of a dynamic and sometimes challenging landscape. In 2023, we embraced challenges and opportunities alike, continuing to differentiate ourselves through our unique offering, to embody our fundamental values and to deliver on our purpose of creating enjoyment and progress with every connection.

One of the most memorable moments for me was gathering all our colleagues at the Ziggo Dome to celebrate all our remarkable achievements over the years. The event symbolised our successful transformation into one company, with one culture – a culture that people name as their top reason for joining, staying with and returning to VodafoneZiggo.


2023 was a year of hard work as well as celebration. For the seventh consecutive year, we grew our converged, mobile and business customer base and delivered a solid financial performance, all of which supported the achievement of our financial targets (see Our 2023 results (new window)). Our investments resulted in excellent networks, products, and services, underscoring our dedication to our vital role in connecting society. Meanwhile, our focus on implementing our strategy (see Our strategy (new window)) yielded tangible results across all five pillars.

Under ‘Secure & Seamless Connectivity’, for instance, we successfully reduced the number of high-level connectivity incidents by 50%, making our network more stable and supporting an exceptional customer experience. In ‘Endless Entertainment’, we fully integrated many new over-the-top (OTT) streaming providers on our platform and prepared to take on the exclusive broadcasting rights for UEFA European club football on Ziggo Sport from summer 2024, cementing VodafoneZiggo’s position as a leading player in the entertainment space.

Our purpose is to create enjoyment and progress with every connection.

Our commitment to delivering ‘Best Business Solutions’ was exemplified by the launch of our Werkt Gewoon (‘It just works’) campaign, reaffirming our integral role as a true partner to our customers’ businesses and ambitions. Meanwhile, the ‘Smart Digital Experience’ we offer to customers and employees alike became more simple, smart and personal thanks to solutions powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

The fifth pillar of our strategy, ‘Progress for Everyone’, represents the integration of our environmental, social and governance (ESG) ambitions into the heart of our strategy. In 2023, we formalised our environmental commitment and set net-zero targets[1] by 2030 for our own operations and by 2050 for our value chain. More importantly, we took meaningful steps towards realising this goal, for example by rolling out more energy-efficient mediaboxes that simultaneously deliver an optimal viewing experience.


The importance of embedding our sustainability ambitions – relating to people and planet alike (see Supporting people and planet (new window)) – into our business strategy cannot be overstated. This was reaffirmed by my conversations on the topic in 2023 with stakeholders of all kinds. VodafoneZiggo also organised a memorable event for industry leaders in the Ziggo Dome, where former US President Barack Obama spoke about the importance of building an inclusive society. This inspiring evening reinforced the need for VodafoneZiggo to do all we can to enable digital inclusion for everyone.

At the same time, our ability to support environmental and societal progress is measured by our prompt and adept response to the industry trends and challenges we face as an organisation – something we will achieve by remaining focused on all five pillars of our strategy.



As I step down as CEO on 1 May and prepare to hand over responsibilities, I am extremely proud of what VodafoneZiggo achieved during 2023 and, indeed, of all we have accomplished over the past seven years. Our assignment back in 2017 was to integrate two companies, generate synergies and prove the value of converging fixed and mobile. Despite the challenges, we have achieved all that and much more.

I therefore want to thank all my VodafoneZiggo colleagues for their passion and hard work, which continue to inspire me, day in, day out. Our talented employees live our purpose, enabling enjoyment and progress with every connection. I count myself very fortunate to have been part of such a unique organisation.

In particular, I want to express my gratitude to my fantastic team, with whom I have worked closely for years. I have no doubt that under their leadership, and with our new strategy guiding the way, VodafoneZiggo will continue to thrive in the years ahead. I look forward to seeing where the next stage of VodafoneZiggo’s journey leads.

Jeroen Hoencamp
CEO VodafoneZiggo

  • 1See definition of net-zero targets in Glossary.

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