Our role in the value chain

Upstream: Suppliers



Our upstream processes lay the groundwork for VodafoneZiggo’s operations, ensuring we have the necessary inputs to create connections and progress. Together with our trusted partners, we establish the foundations that empower us to deliver an exceptional experience. Through these collaborations, we create the network that forms the backbone of our connectivity, enabling us to reach millions of customers across the nation. We work with stakeholders and social partners to contribute to the communities where we operate. Meanwhile, our financial resources facilitate investments in our network, our team and our forward-thinking solutions.

The upstream value chain is not just about securing the materials and technologies needed to build and maintain a vast network infrastructure, but also about doing so responsibly and innovatively. Recognising the impact of climate change in areas such as raw material sourcing and manufacturing, we are committed to minimising our environmental footprint through sustainable practices, including sustainable and ethical purchasing.

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We are committed to creating workplaces where diversity is celebrated and where every employee feels valued and empowered.

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) is central to our approach, particularly in the sourcing and manufacturing stages. VodafoneZiggo strives to create an inclusive supply chain that promotes fair labour practices and supports diverse communities. Furthermore, our commitment to a sustainable and ethical supply chain ensures that our partners share our values of integrity and sustainability, supporting our own dedication to ethical business practices.

Data security and privacy are built into our design and development processes. We recognise that data breaches can have significant consequences, and we therefore integrate security measures from the earliest stages of product development, ensuring our customers’ data is protected.

Own operations


Business model

Central to our operations is our robust network infrastructure, comprising transmitter masts, fibre nodes and underground cables. Our business model helps us create value through products and services we deliver to our business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) markets.

Our diverse human capital, characterised by knowledge, experience and dedication, puts our strategy into action. Meanwhile, we aim to use natural resources (such as energy) sustainably when developing our networks, staffing our offices and offering our products.

Our purpose – enjoyment and progress with every connection – guides our focus across our five strategic pillars:

Secure & Seamless Connectivity

We ensure that our customers enjoy uninterrupted, secure online experiences.

Endless Entertainment

Our platforms provide a wide range of entertainment options, catering to different customer interests.

Best Business Solutions

We offer tailored solutions to businesses, enhancing their operational efficiency and competitiveness.

Smart Digital Experience

Through innovation, we facilitate smart, intuitive digital interactions for our customers.

Progress for Everyone

We are committed to contributing to societal advancement, ensuring inclusivity and access for all, while mitigating our negative environmental impact.

Our business model is designed to address the evolving needs of both B2C and B2B markets, leveraging our organisational structure to manage risks and uphold ethical standards. This approach strengthens not only our market position but also our culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

In our own operations, we address the impact of climate change head-on, especially in network operations and customer premises equipment. As a telecom operator, we understand the energy-intensive nature of our business. We are investing in renewable energy sources and exploring innovative technologies to make our network operations more environmentally sustainable. Our efforts extend to promoting circularity, where we aim to reduce waste and encourage recycling and reuse across our operations.

The principles of DE&I and being an employer of choice are embedded in VodafoneZiggo’s culture. We are committed to creating inclusive workplaces where diversity is celebrated and every employee feels valued and empowered. This commitment is reflected in our employer branding, thereby helping us attract and retain top talent.

Data security and privacy remain critical as we develop new products and services. We ensure that our operations uphold the highest standards of data protection, safeguarding our customers’ information against emerging threats. Customer experience is at the heart of our own operations, and we therefore continuously enhance our network maintenance and operations to deliver unparalleled service quality, reliability and customer satisfaction.

By providing innovative products and services, we aim to address the evolving needs of society, ensuring that everyone benefits from advancements in technology. Digital inclusion and accessibility are guiding principles in our efforts, driving us to develop solutions that make digital technology accessible to everyone and help close the digital divide. Helping people and making society stronger are core pillars of our mission, as we invest heavily in the digital future – and particularly in our fast, reliable, and future-proof network. This infrastructure is the foundation upon which we build our innovative solutions, enabling us to deliver exceptional experiences to our customers.

Downstream: Customers



Our commitment translates into tangible outcomes, with our reliable and future-proof network at the forefront. These networks support millions of daily connections, underpinning the digital economy and strengthening the fabric of our society. Initiatives like the roll-out of the energy-efficient Mediabox Next Mini underscore our dedication to sustainability and enhanced customer experiences.

Furthermore, our focus on reducing our environmental footprint and maintaining our strong financial performance drives ongoing investment not only in our networks but also in our team, helping us provide an inclusive and supportive workplace culture.


Our efforts have a significant positive impact on society. By keeping the Netherlands connected, we facilitate digital interactions and contribute to a healthier, greener and safer society. Our strategy is aimed at creating long-term value for all stakeholders.

Through our adherence to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we actively participate in bringing to life the vision of a brighter future. From upstream to downstream, our value chain embodies our dedication to progress, innovation and sustainability, ensuring we remain a leader in the telecom landscape.

In the downstream phase of our value chain, we focus on minimising the environmental impact of our products and services from deployment to disposal. We implement strategies to extend the life cycle of our products, refurbish them where possible and promote trade-in or responsible disposal practices, contributing to a more sustainable and circular economy.

Our approach to distribution and product use is grounded in sustainability and ethical practices. We strive to make our distribution processes as efficient and low impact as possible, reducing carbon emissions and waste. Data security and privacy remain key during the product use phase: we ensure our products offer robust security features, protecting our customers’ data and privacy.

The customer experience is crucial in the downstream phase. We aim to provide services that not only meet but exceed customer expectations around quality, reliability and security. This is a cornerstone of our brands, building trust and loyalty among our customers.

We also recognise the importance of digital inclusion. We work to ensure that our products and services are accessible to all, breaking down barriers to digital access and promoting a more inclusive society. Through these efforts, we not only contribute to a healthier, safer and more connected society but also play our part as a responsible and forward-thinking telecom operator, committed to advancing society through technology.


Whether it is customers, partners, suppliers or the government, VodafoneZiggo makes communication possible for the Netherlands. We regard anyone we impact with our actions or who impacts us as a stakeholder, and we are committed to maintaining consistent contact with them. We want to know what is going on in their world and what role they envision for VodafoneZiggo, taking their insights and using them to shape our strategic priorities, material topics and the SDGs to commit to. The Stakeholder table in the Additional information section provide more information about the dialogues we had with our stakeholders in 2023, the frequency of those discussions and the topics we addressed.

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