Our strategy

The renewed strategy we launched in 2023 sets us apart from others in the industry, while embedding our organisation even more firmly in our society. Bringing together our strategic pillars, company values and connecting thread, our strategy sets the direction for everything we do at VodafoneZiggo – and it all starts with our purpose of creating enjoyment and progress with every connection.

Our Purpose

Enjoyment and progress with every connection

Our purpose represents what we stand for. VodafoneZiggo makes valuable connections: between people and for people. Whatever connection our customers make – a video call to their grandparents, a film night at home with their family or an online presentation to their colleagues – we ensure they can get the most out of every moment and continue to move forward.

Our strategic pillars

These five pillars provide the framework for what we do; day in, day out. Now fully embedded across our organisation, each focus area has dedicated Business Owners responsible for keeping us on track towards our ambitious targets and ensuring we fulfil our purpose. You can read more about our progress on each pillar in the relevant chapters of this report.

Secure & Seamless Connectivity

On a daily basis, VodafoneZiggo creates countless connections – between people, businesses and even smart devices. We continuously improve and upgrade our network continuously to meet the needs of millions of people in the Netherlands, so our customers can enjoy a safe, seamless and carefree connection, wherever they are, on any device, now and in the future.

Endless Entertainment

A nail-biting sports match, a riveting film or an unforgettable concert: when it comes to entertainment, we are just as passionate as our customers. We are creating the Netherlands’ leading entertainment platform – with an easy-to-use search function and personal recommendations – where people come to enjoy their favourite films, series and sports. Meanwhile, thanks to our Priority programme, which gives our customers priority access to live concerts and sports events, our offline entertainment offering takes enjoyable experiences to the next level.

Best Business Solutions

The Netherlands is home to more than two million companies, from pioneering start-ups to major players on the global market – and their success depends on strong connections and constant innovation. VodafoneZiggo provides the technology that enables secure, hybrid and customer-oriented working, as well as IoT applications, making us a rock-solid partner and a driving force behind digitalisation in the Netherlands.

Smart Digital Experience

By accelerating our digitalisation, we can provide large-scale, exceptional customer experiences. We are busy creating super-simple, super-smart and super-personal customer journeys, making VodafoneZiggo the go-to partner in people’s everyday digital lives.

Progress for Everyone

The more digitalised our world becomes, the more important it is to make sure nobody gets left behind, that starts with a diverse and inclusive workforce. Our mission is to ensure everyone can participate properly, consciously and safely. This is why we are helping elderly people acquire digital skills and teach children how to be safe and healthy online, as well as examining how we can make our products and services more accessible to vulnerable groups. But we also want to make these contributions to society in a more environmentally sustainable way. Not only do our products and services enable our customers to save energy, but we also have firm ambitions to reduce our CO2 footprint and set high standards for our value chain partners.

Our connecting thread

Exceptional experience

Our connecting thread – joining the dots between our strategic pillars – is the goal of meeting and surpassing customer expectations, providing an exceptional experience. From our technicians, customer agents and shop assistants to our sales managers, marketeers and IT teams, we do this through the products and services we provide to our customers and the environment we create for our employees.

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