About VodafoneZiggo

We are VodafoneZiggo, a leading Dutch telecom company that provides fixed and mobile connectivity, entertainment services and business services to consumer and business customers.

Our story

VodafoneZiggo started in 2017 as a joint venture from the merger of Vodafone Netherlands and Ziggo, each with its own strong heritage stretching back more than two decades (new window). In the years since, under the guidance of parent companies and shareholders Vodafone Group and Liberty Global, VodafoneZiggo has become a fully converged operator, offering both fixed and mobile services.

We do this through our two premium brands, Vodafone and Ziggo, as well as our no-frills mobile business, hollandsnieuwe. Our converged approach allows us not only to grow faster as a company but also to provide more products and services, more efficiently, to more customers – all while delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Our brands

Supported by the modern and stable Vodafone and Ziggo networks, we operate as a single company that delivers two premium brands. In addition, we serve the mobile ‘no-frills’ segment with hollandsnieuwe: affordable subscriptions with basic services.

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